We prepare, plan and design public utilities, parks, roads, bridges , buildings, water supply & wastewater infrastructures, and paving plans, including complex public utility planning and traffic assessments, which are vital components of defining investments budgets.

Urban Planning

Planning services cover strategic spatial planning, township street layout design and reticulation, resettlement area planning, subdivisions, management policies, environmental and recreational planning, town planning schemes, amendment schemes and rezoning. Detailed development concept drawings for municipalities and local authorities can also be compiled.

Project Management

We organize entire implementation of projects, from conceptual designs and feasibility studies to site management. We control and co-ordinate the designing, planning activities and works of subcontractors, and enforce the contracted quality standards. Besides the complex engineering services, we also provide different kinds of consulting services to our clients.

Finance & Administration

We do financial planning, reporting and controls, short and long term business strategy, investments, cash management, internal risk management, corporate finance, and accounting.

We also do preparation of financial statements, maintaining cash controls supervising the payroll and personnel administration (Attendance, Leaves, Employee benefits) purchasing, maintaining accounts payable and managing office operations.

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